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Air Berlin

Air Berlin is now Germany's second largest airline with quite an impressive fleet of 737-400, -700 and -800. They also operate several BAe 146. Air Berlin is quite a unique airline, since they serve two entirely different markets. There most important markets are the vacation destinations. Many airports around the mediterranean sea are served frequently from humerous German departure cities. One of their big hubs is in Palma de Mallorca and most of the time the Air Berlin 737s outnumber all Spanish carriers on this Spanish island.

Beyond the vacation destinations, Air Berlin also offers connections between major European cities and acts as a low cost carrier in this segment. It is quite surprising how well they manage to serve these totally different markets with one streamlined fleet. Their service on low cost flights (socalled City Shuttle Flights) is not much better than on any other discount carrier. On the tourist flights they offer quite a good service though. Even on flights as short as two hours they serve full meals if the flight is around breakfast-, lunch- or dinnertime.