About Seatmaps.Net


Seatmaps.Net was invented by Martin Hellwig, a frequent traveler and aviation enthusiast from Germany. On his numerous flights within Europe, the US and across the ocean in between, Martin has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience on the field of seating. He has had the chance to fly in the best seats and got stuck in the worst. With Seatmaps.Net he would like to allow other travelers to avoid the latter. This site is maintained out of pure enthusiasm and is not intended to generate profit. However, Seatmaps.Net will sell advertisement space in order to recover the cost of maintaining this service. If you have any questions, ask!

Seatmaps.Net not only supplies you with the airlines' current seat configuration charts, but also has detailed information about each and every seat available for you. Thousands of reports submitted by both frequent and occasional flyers have been used in the generation of the most reliable and comprehensive collection of seatmaps and specific seat information. Now Seatmaps.Net is publishing all that information on the web. Since processing this huge amount of data takes time, we will gradually be adding more airlines and more detailed seat information. If you are looking for information about an aircraft that is not yet available online, please manually request it by email.

Of course Seatmaps.Net cannot guarante that all of the published information is correct and complete. Even with the highest possible amount of precision, some errors will always make their way into the published work. If you find one of those, please do not keep it a secret! I apologize for any inconveniences and hope that you will find Seatmaps.Net a useful resouce. During the upcomin weeks, some documents may not be available in English.

By the way, you were sent to the english pages, because your browser is set to English or an unknown language code. If you wish to access the german site, you can do so here: Deutsche Seatmaps.Net Seite