Condor (Thomas Cook)

For many decades, Condor has been one of the most well known leisure airlines in Europe and beyond. Being a subsidiary of the German national carrier, Condor was able to build a remarkable reputation as quality carrier in the upper leisure segment. Over the past few years Lufthansa has withdrawn more and more and Condor was integrated into the tour operator Thomas Cook. Nowadays Condor is no longer in the upper segment, but somewhere in the middle. Still they provide decent service that definitely outperforms low cost carriers.

The airline was renamed into Thomas Cook Airlines a few years back, but at the moment it seems that they will change their name back to Condor, which is still a very trusted brand. So whether your ticket reads Condor or Thomas Cook - as long as you fly to or from Germany, you will almost certainly be flyong on former Condor equipment.

Advance Seat Reservation is possible, but there is a significant fee.