Airbus 330:

The A330 will replace the DC10 on all international routes. After the DC10s have been replaced by 757s on domestic routes, this seems to be the end of the trijet era at Northwest. Many travelers don't like the rather tight cabin of the 330s and 340s. However, this aircraft is equipped with in-seat video in all seats. You can also play games at all seats.
















Row 1

Some of your overhead storage is taken uo by emergency equipment and demo as well as service items. Otherwise these are really fine Business Class seats with lots of legroom.



















Business Class

Nice Business Class seats.




















Lavatories nearby

Many travelers complain about odors and noise originating from the nearby lavatories. These seats may have a limited recline.


















These are nice bulkhead seats. However, this row is often occupied by parents with babies. If the baby is not having a good time, neither will you.
























The liferaft casing takes up a good amount of your otherwise nice legroom.




















Economy Class

While Northwest's Economy Class is not the most luxurious, these are acceptable seats.



















Nice legroom

This seat has good legroom. You are fairly close to the lavatory though, which means that lines may form and occasionally you might be disturbed by noise and odors.


















Lavatory nearby

These seats are ver close to the lavatories and may have limited recline. Also, odors and noise can occasionally disturb passengers.

































































Rear row

These are really right seats with limited or no recline. Avoid them if you can!


















Shoulder Space

Since the cabin configuration changes from 2-4-2 to 2-3-2 here, these seats have additional room on the sides. Some flyers report that your video screen is off center. Also, some 330s seem to be configured the way this seatmap is drawn,which means that you will get more room in G,but none in C.



















Not a quiet seat

Since the cabin configuration changes from 2-4-2 to 2-3-2 here, this seat gets bumped into a lot.