Canadair Jet

The CRJ is mainly used on shorter routes between smaller markets, but NW also flies it on a few longer routes (e.g. MSP to East Coast). As all CRJs it does not provide an inviting atmosphere. If you're tall, you cannot stand up anywhere in the cabin and you might hurt your head on the overhead bin doors when deplaning.
















Row 1

Some of your overhead storage is taken uo by emergency equipment and demo as well as service items. Your legroom is reduced by the wall ahead of you.








































As mentioned before, the seats on this aircraft type are fairly tight and uninviting.

















No recline

These seats do not recline or have a very limited recline. Avoid them if you can.























Exit row

These are the least uncomfortable seats on the plane. Try to get them if you can.




















Bad seats

These seats are very noisy, the lavatory is very close and the last row does not recline.