While there is no entertainment system on board, I personally like the DC9. Northwest uses this aircraft in many markets that other airlines have downgraded to regional jets and it is no secret that I am absolutely not fond of the latter. So occasionally flying a DC9 is a nice change.

















Row 1

Some of your overhead storage is taken uo by emergency equipment and demo as well as service items. Otherwise these are really fine First Class seats.




















First Class

Very nice First Class seats.





















Very nice bulkhead seats. There is no wall in front of you, but just a curtain that easily allows you to stretch your legs into First Class. Couples love these seats for obvious reasons.


















Seat 6D

Since there is no seat ahead of you, you have plenty of legroom.


















Economy Class

While Northwest's Economy Class is not the most luxurious, these are acceptable seats. After all, you won't be flying on a DC9 for much more that three hours.




















No recline

Row 10 does not recline or has only very limited recline. Avoid these seats if you can.


















Row 11

You do get extra legroom, but you also have to live with virtually no recline.














Row 12

If you can't get row 5, ask for row 12 at the airport. These are great seats with extra legroom and full recline














Noisy seats

These seats are fairly noisy (the engines are of course in the rear).















Rear rows

Not only are these seats really noisy - they also have a limited recline and reduced legroom. Avoid them if you can!!!