BAe 146-300

United Express uses the BAe146 on routes with higher passenger demand. Fortunately they operate this aircraft in a 2-3 configuration unlike some airlines like Lufthansa that have six seats abreast on the same aircraft type. As a result, seating is fairly comfortable compared to other regional jets. The only down side is that since the wing is above the cabin, the ceiling is lowered by about 8 inches in the middle of the cabin. That also takes away much of the overhead storage. Also, the BAe has a comparably noisy cabin. But compared to other United Express aircraft, it is quite acceptable.
















Seats 1 A, C

If these seats exist, they are really nice. Sadly they do not exist on all BAe 146-200. So be careful about reserving them.


















Sitze 1 D, F

Very nice seats.

















Economy Class

Standard Economy with a 30 or 31 inch pitch.


















Limited View

Due to the engines outside the windows and the wing overhead, you have hardly any view of the ground from here.
















Underwing seats

As mentioned before, these seats have very limited storage. Also, you have virtually no view.



















Rear seats

These seats do not exist on all aircraft. You might lose your reservation.
















21 C

This seat is surprisingly uncomfortable, mainly due to the stairs right next to it. Avoid it of you can.