Airbus 319:

The Airbus 319 is used on numerous domestic routes. It offers passengers complete audio entertainment including live air traffic control communications on channel 9 (might be disabled at the captains discretion in some cases) and a video system with ceiling mounted LCDs that automatically fold down and up. These screens are used for both the airshow map (a map with current flight data and the position of the aircraft) and for short subject programs including news and sitcoms. On flight between Denver and the east coast or Chicago and the west coast, a movie will be shown.

Sadly the A319 is oftentimes exchanged with an A320 and there is no way to be sure until the actual aircraft arrives at the gate. Generally there is not much of a difference for passengers, except that seat layouts vary significantly. As a result, you might lose your reservation or end up in a less fortunate seat. To avoid that, stay away from orange seats.











Seats 1A, 1B

These are the best seats in Fist Class. A cutout in the wall in front of you provides additional space for your feet.











Seats 1C, 1D

On some A319s, these seats are as good as 1A and 1B. Others are missing the cutout in the wall ahead, so you have less room.












Row 2

Seats in row 2 are good First-Class Sitze. Sadly, the recline is limited.













Row 6

These seats can be wonderful, if you plan to sit back, relax and possibly sleep. They offer almost more legroom than First Class does. If you would like to watch the movie though, pick another seat. This row is located right below the screens and you'll hurt your neck trying to watch the video program. You might be able to peek into First Class and use one of their monitors.











Rows 7-9

Good Economy Plus Seats with a pitch of approximately 35 inches.












Row 10

Row 10 offers a little extralegroom. The down side is that there is a very limited recline.















Row 11

Row 11 also has a limited recline, but great legroom. If you are switched to an A320, these are the very best seats on that aircraft.

















Row 12

If you like to gamble, row 12 is your best bet. If you actually fly on an A319, seats A and F offer wonderful legroom since there is no seat ahead. If you get switched to an A320 though, you are sitting in Standard Economy! Row 12 is not in Economy Plus on the A320. Also, 11A and 11F do exist on that aircraft, so you don't have good legroom in those either.














Rows 13-23

Regular Economy Seats. Many travelers report that seats on the A319 and A320 feel less comfortable than those on other aircraft.
















Row 24

Row 24 is not recommendable. They have limited or no recline and can be really noisy.