Boeing 737-300:

The 737-300 is mainly used for flights to medium size markets from the four hubs in San Francisco, Denver, Chicago O'Hare and Washington Dulles.

There are two different configurations. A little more than half of the planes are equipped with Economy Plus, like this one. But the remaining 40 or so percent are former Shuttle aircraft and offer significantly less service. While you can find out what version United plans to use for your flight, these plans do often change even a few hours before departure.

The 737 offers audio entertainment including live air traffic communications on channel 9. There is no video system aboard.

















Row 1

These are acceptable First Class seats that unfortunately offer fairly little legroom. On some aircraft there is a cutout for your feet in front of seats C and D.

















Seats 2A, 2D

Best First seats on the 737-300.














Seats 2B, 2C

Good First sitze. Sadly your legroom is reduced a little by a metal frame under the seat in front of you.

















Row 3

Row 3 offers plenty of legreoom, particularly on the starboard side.

















Rows 4 and 5

Good Economy Plus seats.

















Sitze 6B, 6C, 6D, 6E

Good Economy Plus seats. This row does not have a window.

















Sitze 6A, 6F

Basically good Economy Plus seats, but there is no window. If you just plan to sleep, you might be happy with this seat though.

















Row 7

Good Economy Plus seats.















Row 8

Economy Plus Sitze with a very limited recline.















Seats 9C, 9D

Good Economy Plus seats.
















Seats 9B, 9E

Probably the best seats on the plane. They offer a 37 inch pitch (that's almost First Class) and lost of room on your side. You can also use the space under seat 8A for your carry-ons so that you will always have them close by and still have the full legroom. Since you sit a little away from the window, you can use two or three windows and get a panoramic view. I just love these seats. Get them if you can!!! Only down side is that in the B seat, you will not have a wall to lean against, if you plan to sleep.

















Row 10

Very goodEconomy Plus seats with plenty of legroom.















Standard Economy

Standard Economy with a pitch of approximately 31 inches.















Seats 11A, 11F

Standard Economy with a pitch of approximately 31 inches. If you get swapped to a former Shuttle plane, these seats don't exist at all.



















Row 21

Try to avoid these seats. They have no recline and are usually pretty noisy.