Boeing 767-200 B

This aircraft is mainly used on transcontinental routes. It is often exhanged for the A version on very short notice, sometimes only hours before the flight.

There is no Economy Plus on the 767-200B. Video and full audio entertainment are available.




















First Class

Old but nice First Class seats with a 60 inch pitch. They have in-seat video screens on which you can watch a selection of tapes.































Business Class

Business Class offers a 40 inch pitch. The video program is shown on a central screen with viedo projector.























Sitze 5A, F

Unfortunately you cannot see the screen from here. Otherwise these are nice Business Class seats with a 40 ich pitch.














Economy Class

These seats have very good legroom. There is no Economy Plus on this aircraft.


















Screen's a Problem

These seat have very little legroom. Plus, since you are so very close to the screen, you cannot properly watch the program. Still the bright flickering light is very annoying, especially when you try to sleep or read. Avoid these seats if you can.

















Economy Class

These standard Economy seats with a 30 to 31 inch pitch allow you to watch the movie.

















No movie

These standard Economy seats with a 30 to 31 inch pitch do not allow you to watch the movie, unless you brought a telescope. They are simply too far away from the screen. If you don't want to watch the program, these are average seats.















Last row

These seats do not have full recline (sometimes none at all) and are usually very noisy.




















13 and14 A,B

Great seats, but they don't exist on the A version, so if you get switched to that one, you're out of luck.



















10 und 11 F

Very nice seats with a work desk next to them. Some people mention the proximity of the lavatories as disadvantage.