Domestic B767-300

This aircraft is generally preferred over the 767-200. Also, many passengers like it better than the 777s, eventhough the domestic 767-300 does not have in-seat video. There are central screens with video projectors and additional ceiling mounted monitors throughout the cabins. Full audio entertainment is also available and includes Channel 9, United's live air traffic communications channel.


















First Class

These seats have very little legroom. Also, overhead storage is limited due to emergency equipment stored there.



















First Class

Surprisingly these seats are really tight. Many say that they are not worth the upgrade if you have a decent seat in Economy Plus.


























First Class

These are okay First Class seats.





















Tight Economy Plus

Evenhtough these seats are considered Economy Plus, they offer no more legroom than your average standard coach seat. Especially seats C, D and E are very tight.






















Economy Plus

Quite good Economy Plus seats.
























Row 20

Surprisingly these seats have less legroom than you might think after looking at the seatmap. It is especially little compared to other exit rows.
























Exit Row Seats

Quite good standard Economy seats with way above average legroom and a full recline.


























Screen Seats

Beware of these seats. They are about the tightest ones you can get and the screen is right in front of you. The flickering light will disturb you when you try to read or sleep and it is hard to really watch the movie from here.























Standard Economy

These regular Economy seats have a pitch of 30 to 32 inches.





















Last rows

Recline is very limited. These seats may be noisy.



















Stuck in the middle

Limited recline, only average legroom, plenty of noise and poeple congrgating next to you make these seats undesirable. Also, since they are located right between lavatories, you might sense odors.


















No window

Windows are missing at these seats. Try to avoid them unless you just want to sleep anyway.