International B767-300

The 767-300 is used on smaller international markets, mainly to South America and Europe. Many travelers prefer this aircraft over the 777, mainly because there is only one cabin layout. All international 767-300 have Economy Plus, in-seat video and audio entertainment. Live ATC communications may be available on Channel 9, but in some cases this channel will have music on it instead. If Channel 9 is available, there is a really annoying background noise that makes listening unpleasant.

















First Class

Nice First Class seats.


























Some prople love this seat for its individuality, some hate it because they feel like they get bumped into from both sides.





















First Class

Nice First Class seats that are preferred over row one by many travelers.





















Hard to get

A really great seat. Due to a flaw in United's ASR software, this seat will not show up in the system. There must be a way around this software problem, since some report that they talked to the rservations agent about the issue and the person at United's callcenter was actually able to get the seat after a while. But with most call center agents being as helpful ;) as they are, you might not be that lucky. In many cases the seat doesn't even show up at the check in counters. Try asking for it at the gate though. Ops people are usually pretty smart :).





















Business Class

Pretty good Business Class seats.























Business Class

Very good Business class seats with plenty of legroom. On the aisles, you might occasionally get bumped into.























No window

Row 7 is missing a window and due to the alignment, you actually have no window that you can look out of. During the flight, you can peek out of the window behind you, but that is only possible with a fully reclined seat back. If you just want to sleep, these seats may be good. Otherwise avoid them.



















Tight Business Class

Very bad Business seats. They are narrower than the others and some also claim they have less legroom. Plus, they are located almost right in the galley. They are noisy and not recommendable.




















Crew Rest

On shorter flights (like when an international 767-300 is used domestically), these seats are usually released as Economy Plus seats. On longhauls, they are reserved for the crew. Sometimes passengers are offered to use these seats though. In any case, they can be quite noisy, but do offer lots of room.





















These Economy Plus seats are a little too close to the bulkhead and are not recommendable.




















Exit seats

Very nice exit row seats with plenty of legroom and a full recline. Take them if you can. Currently exit rows may only be reserved ahead of time by Premier Executives or better.


















Economy Plus

Nice Economy Plus seats. Since they exist on all international 763s, you don't have to worry about changes.





















Standard Economy

Regular Economy seats with a 32 inch pitch. Many travelers report that Standard Economy seats on the 767-300s feel more comfortable than on other aircraft.
















Last row

The recline of these seats is limited and they may be noisy.