Domestic B777-200

The 777 is a huge twinjet that offers fairly good seat width with a 2-5-2 configuration in Economy. Video entertainment is provided using overhead monitors and passengers can also enjoy full audio entertainment including live ATC communications on channel 9.

















First Class

Nice First Class seats.






















First Class

The video projector is right above these seats. It is reported to sometimes be noisy and there certainly are no air vents above these seats.























Tight Economy Plus

These Economy Plus seats are fairly close to the wall in front of them, so try to avoid them.




















Economy Plus

Very nice Economy Plus seats with lots of legroom and a full recline.





















Economy Plus

Nice Economy Plus seats with a pitch of approximately 35 inches.





















Standard Economy

Average Economy seats with a pitch of about 30 or 31 inches.
























Very tight

The walls curve in and still there are nine seats abreast. Especially the B and H seats are very tight and you don't want to sit in this row at all.






















Standard Economy

These seats are too close to the wall in front of them. Unless you are seated in C or G, you should avoid these. In the mentioned aisle seats, you will usually be able to stretch your legs out into the aisle (doesn't work on all aircraft though).

















Row 39

Very nice seats. They are considered Standard Economy, but offer more room than your average Economy Plus seat. There is a liferaft casing next to the door in front of the window seats and also you have to live with people congregating in front of you. Some don't like the proximity of the lavatories. Also, you have no real window. Decide for yourself.






















Last row

Limited recline, noisiness and lines forming for lavatories are the disadvantages of these seats. Try to avoid them.