Canadair Jet 700

Like many regional jets, the CRJ offers very little room for passengers. The pitch is about 29 to 30 inches and the width is below average as well. There is no onboard entertainment and there will be no meals served, even on routes that otherwise would have meals service















Row 1

Row 1 has good legroom













Standard Economy

With a pitch of about 29 to 30 inches, all seats are fairly tight. On most CRJs you can move the armrest on the aisle using a small lever right under its pivot point and many travlers report that usually you are allowed to keep it up during the flight, providing you with some additional room


















Row 2

Okay seats with an average pitch.



























Row 3

Very nice seats with plenty of legroom.




















Row 12

Definitely the best seats on the plane. You have extra legroom and a full recline. Some passengers claim that the window seats are not as soft as the aisle seats.



















Reihe 11

There is a limited recline here.
















Reihe 17

These seats have limited recline and may be noisy.





















Reihe 18

The recline is limited at these seats. Also they are located right outside the lavatory. Remember that insulations are usually less good on regional jets and both noise and odors may disturb your well being. Try to avoid these seats.