Canadair Jet

Like many regional jets, the CRJ offers very little room for passengers. The pitch is about 29 to 30 inches and the width is below average as well. There is no onbiard entertainment and there will be no meals served, even on routes that otherwise would have meals service























Row 1

Row one has the worst legroom on the plane. There is a wall right in front of these seats that does not leave room for feet larger than size 12 or so. Even is you are small, you can't move much. The only advantage is that you have nobody ahead of you and that you are one of the first off the plane. Some versions of this plane have no window in row 1.




























Standard Economy

With a pitch of about 29 to 30 inches, all seats are fairly tight. On most CRJs you can move the armrest on the aisle using a small lever right under its pivot point and many travlers report that usually you are allowed to keep it up during the flight, providing you with some additional room






















Row 7

Recline is limited here.





















Row 8

Definitely the best seats on the plane. You have extra legroom and a full recline. Some passengers claim that the window seats are not as soft as the aisle seats. They definitely are a little cold, since many passengers not a draft coming from the exit.


























Seats 12 C, D

You do get some extra legroom here, but no recline.

























Reihe 13

Diese Sitze haben nur eine begrenzt verstellbare Rückenlehne und liegen direkt im Eingangsbereich der Toilette. Zu bedenken ist, daß auf die Geräusch- und Geruchsisolation auf diesem Maschinentyp oft nicht so gut ist. Also sollte man diese Sitze besser meiden.